Love to Haight

Haight St.

Haight St; the mecca of all that is thrifting in the Bay Area. A popular spot in San Francisco for shopping, people watching, and creating your own trends. If you enjoy hitting up second hand stores, this is definitely a place you need to visit. It’s one of my favorite locations in all of SF.

lHowever, there are a few downsides to this hipster street. Parking is a pain (but where isn’t it in this city), and prices are insane in some of these stores. For example, there is a store called La Rosa Vintage Boutique and the cheapest thing I’ve ever found there was a $48 skirt. Average prices for clothing seem to hover between $125 and $350. Yeesh, this place makes me feel very poor…BUT that’s not to say you shouldn’t at least go inside and check things out! There are things here you will NOT find anywhere else, and everything is absolutely gorgeous, fun and wearable.

A few more pictures from La Rosa Vintage just because I think they are fun:

La Rosa Vintage [1]

La Rosa Vintage [2]

La Rosa Vintage [3]

La Rosa Vintage [4]

A few places that I have found to be affordable on Haight are the Buffalo Exchange and Goodwill. I always say Goodwill is overpriced in most aspects, and this one is no exception. But I validate my spending there by comparing it to the rest of Haight St. And I must also admit that the items at this Goodwill are even more expensive than if you found them at another one. But you must also keep in mind when visiting, that you are going to find a lot more vintage and trendy things at these thrift stores than in other towns or cities. This past visit to the Goodwill, I bought a cute vintage brown sweater and charcoal gray blazer. Total for both was $25.

DSC_0152I was very impressed with the prices at Buffalo Exchange. These stores can be found across the country, but I found the one in San Fran to be more decently priced than the one in Phoenix, AZ. This came as a total surprise. I found an adorable vintage dress for my sister, and I think it was about $12.

Point is, Haight St. is a great and fun place to shop, even if you leave empty handed. The people are fun, the food is good, and you will always find something exciting and different.


Frugal Flowers

DSC_0004My sis taught me how to make these flowers. You can use them as hair combs, headbands, or broach. All you need is some felt, glue, pin, band or comb to make it complete. How does this fit into a thrift store blog? Because I found some awesome scraps of fabric and thought I could glue it to the felt to make a fun patterned accessory. Add some buttons in the middle to make it have a more flowery feel. I wore this black and white one to an event in St. Helena, CA and got dozens of compliments on it within a couple hours.



Napa Goodwill


Full-screen1683 Imola Avenue
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 252-1197

I’ve been living in Napa Valley for quite some time now, and I’m surprised it has taken me this ong to get to the Goodwill in Napa. I must say, I’ve never been too impressed with any Goodwill, and my opinion wasn’t changed with this one.

DSC_0002I’m all for picking through racks of clothing, but these clothes were just so unappealing that I hardly even bothered. I did however take a the time to look through the dresses, which were all priced at $6.99 (a good price for some, but horrible for others you could buy new for less than that). I found a navy blue dress with cute detailing on the top and pockets. It’s a bit too long for my taste, so with a little help from a friend I’m taking it up to come right at the knees.

DSC_0003I was happy with my find, but disappointed with the overpriced items in the rest of the store. My friend Bre was with me and found some bowls she was interested in. Each bowl was $9.99! I looked for a brand to see why they were so pricey, but couldn’t find anything extraordinary about them. All shirts were $3.99 and pants were $5.99, not terribly out of this world, but I feel like I could get these things brand new from Ross for the same price.

All in all, I feel the same about this Good will as I do all Goodwills: good cause, lame pricing.